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Networking is the backbone of any organization. With a strong force of IT Experts and fully equipped operational unit with latest gadgets and technology, RK & Co will make your life easy. From a study hall to a multi storey building, we are ready to build the network for you. Your success is our primary objective. We make sure your data or information is available to the end user or clients of the Organization without any hindrance. We’ll build it for you and we’ll be with you all the way along.

At R.K & Co we follow these key factors in networking:

  •   If there is an existing network, we evaluate the network and implement the changes
  •   For any new network, we start from the basic designing from the scratch and built the complete network. Depending on the requirement, LAN (Structured/Semi-Structured/Normal) and WAN are designed and incorporated.
  •   Security is a key factor in any organization. And at R.K & Co we do a detailed planning and implementation which keeps your network secured.


We deal with wide range of software at R.K & Co.

Some of the major types are:

  •   Anti Virus software
  •   Utility Software to perform secondary functions in an operating system
  •   Software made for multimedia purposes such as designing, editing, enhancing, etc. Such software are easily available
  •   OS software


At R.K & Co, we offer a wide range of best quality Hardware products for our customers. Parts such as monitor, mouse, keyboard, computer data storage, hard disk drive (HDD), graphic cards, sound cards, memory (RAM), motherboard, and so on of various brands are available at R.K & Co at reasonable price. Mobility products from leading companies, such as Apple, Acer, Hewlett- Packard, IBM, Asus, Lenovo, Microsoft, Intel, Canon, Samsung, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Sony, APC, D-Link and many others are sold.